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Discover the Tiger Prompt Generator for ChatGPT - your ultimate tool for creating customized and effective prompts for ChatGPT. Increase the quality of your results with ready-made prompts, an intuitive modular system and an exclusive preview function.



Tiger Prompt Generator for ChatGPT: Your key to customized prompts

1. introduction to the world of prompts

Prompts are not just simple prompts to ChatGPT. They are the control element that you use to get ChatGPT to perform specific tasks - be it writing texts, generating code or answering questions. The more precise the prompt, the more accurate the result.

2. what makes a prompt effective?

An effective prompt is like a good recipe suggestion for a chef: clear, precise and without room for interpretation. If you give ChatGPT clear instructions, it will thank you with high-quality results.

3. the Tiger Prompt Generator for ChatGPT: your ace up your sleeve

Developed by Obvious Works, the Tiger Prompt Generator is not just a tool, it's your partner for optimal ChatGPT results. Here are its outstanding features:

  • JailbreakOur cheat function ensures that ChatGPT drops all its covers and really answers all your questions.
  • Interactive construction kitCustomize prompts by choosing from a variety of options.
  • Preview functionCheck your prompt and optimize it step by step.

4. how to use the Tiger Prompt Builder efficiently

Getting started is very easy. Visit the Obvious Works website and build your prompts. With just a few clicks, you can start creating customized prompts.

5. questions and answers

What is meant by "prompt engineering"?

Prompt engineering is the process of how you design prompts so that AI models such as ChatGPT, Bard, Claude & Co provide you with the best answers. You formulate the prompt in such a way that the model gives the desired answer.

Is "Prompt Engineering" real?

Yes, prompt engineering is a real method used by experts to improve the quality of AI responses. It is a crucial component when working with AI models like ChatGPT. It allows you to better control the AI and get the answers you want.

Is "prompt engineering" difficult?

Prompt engineering can be challenging at the beginning because it's about finding the right balance and wording. It takes practice, understanding of the AI model and creative thinking. But with time and experience, you can develop more effective prompts.

What are examples of prompts for ChatGPT?

Here are some examples of prompts you could use for ChatGPT:

  • Tell me a story about a brave knight.
  • How does photosynthesis work?
  • Compare and contrast capitalism and socialism.

How do I insert a prompt in ChatGPT?

If you are using ChatGPT, simply enter your desired text in the input field. This text will then serve as a prompt for the AI model. Make sure that your input is clear and precise to get the best results.

How do I make ChatGPT sound more human?

Give specific instructions, such as "Answer me as if you were a historian" or "Write in the style of Shakespeare". Use prompt engineering to improve your prompts. Experiment with different wording to get human-like responses.

How do I master prompts in ChatGPT?

Practice regularly and experiment with different prompts. Learn from the model's feedback and adapt your approach accordingly. Take time to understand the nuances of the model and how it responds to different inputs.

How do I achieve the best results with ChatGPT?

Use clear and precise prompts. Experiment with different wording and instructions. Use prompt engineering to improve the quality of responses.

What is the limit for prompts in ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has a specific character limit for prompts. It is important that you stay within this limit to get the best results. Too long or complex prompts may not get the desired responses.

Is there a prompt generator for ChatGPT?

Yes, there are various generators for prompts. One you could try is the "Ultimate Tiger Prompt Generator" from Obvious Works. This generator can help you create inspiring and effective prompts.

How do I generate a prompt for ChatGPT?

You can create prompts manually or have them generated by special generators, such as the "Ultimate Tiger Prompt Generator". It is important that you formulate clearly and precisely and know exactly what type of response you want to achieve.

What is the formula for prompts in ChatGPT?

There is no specific "formula" for prompts. It depends on the answer you want and the context. Often, success depends on the clarity and precision of your prompt.

How do I improve ChatGPT prompts?

Experiment with different formulations and approaches. Learn from the model's responses and refine your prompts accordingly. Use tools such as the "Ultimate Tiger Prompt Generator" to get inspiration.


The Tiger Prompt Generator for ChatGPT is more than just a tool - it is your secret weapon for first-class ChatGPT results. Use its many functions and increase the efficiency and quality of your work with ChatGPT.

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