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Brief Description

The "ChatGPT Advanced" training goes beyond the basics and provides practical expert knowledge for the targeted integration of ChatGPT into your work processes.

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⭐ Lunch & catering included

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⭐ Alumni network - Lifetime Access

Membership & access to exclusive AI and RE tools

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Access to a curated collection of the best AI tools

⭐ Tiger Prompt Generator

Access to our Tiger Prompt Generator for ChatGPT


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At a glance

ChatGPT is on everyone's lips and offers enormous potential for increasing efficiency in many professional fields. However, in order to exploit the full potential of this powerful tool, in-depth knowledge is required.

The "ChatGPT Advanced" training goes beyond the basics and provides practical expert knowledge for the targeted integration of ChatGPT into your everyday professional life.

Through interactive exercises and practical case studies, you will learn how to integrate ChatGPT into your existing workflows, optimize them and use them for challenging tasks such as automated reporting, data analysis and content creation.

With this course, we want to give you full control over this powerful tool so that you can sustainably increase your productivity and focus on creative and strategic activities.

You will learn how to specifically utilize the strengths of ChatGPT and compensate for its weaknesses. In this way, you can use the innovation technology without becoming dependent on it.

Get the skills you need to work successfully with AI tools like ChatGPT. Always stay in control of the technology and unleash its full potential!

As a highlight of this course, Dr. Joerg Storm, senior manager of a German premium car manufacturer and one of the biggest Tech/AI Influencers in Germany, will take over part of this course himself.

By participating in this course, you will receive a 50% direct discount on the examination fee for the "AI Foundation" certification, which we have developed in cooperation with the internationally recognized certification institute CloudCert Switzerland.


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ChatGPT Advanced Agents, Automation & Chatbots


Content of the training

  • Comparison of ChatGPT with other LLMs
  • Automation:
    • Introduction to automation
    • Use cases for ChatGPT automation
    • helpful blueprint for social media content automation for all participants
  • LLM agents using the example of AutoGPT and GPT-Engineer:
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Setup and configuration
  • Building your own chatbot (no-code):
    • Why
    • Development of a knowledge database
    • Use cases

In practice-oriented exercises and discussions, you will deepen your understanding of the concepts and learn how to apply them successfully in your daily work. At the end of the course, you will be able to massively increase your productivity with ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Benefits of the training

  • Classification of the advantages and disadvantages of different LLMs for specific tasks
  • Creation of your own automated workflows
  • Use and sensible application scenarios of AutoGPT & GPT-Engineer
  • Building your own no-code chatbot




09:00 – 17:00


Approach and didactics

Our training is primarily designed to be interactive. Short theoretical blocks are followed by a variety of practice-oriented exercises, which are completed both individually and in small groups. The results are then reflected on collectively.

We focus on lively, inspiring learning and deliberately avoid a tiring "slide show".

Our focus is on the mutual exchange of knowledge between participants and the long-term, practical benefits of the newly acquired knowledge. The positive feedback from our course participants speaks for itself.

In addition to collaboration boards, slides and exercises, we use gamification elements.



Participants should already have some experience in using ChatGPT and be open to the use of new web tools.

Create a free ChatGPT account before the start of the training at

Target group


"ChatGPT Advanced" is aimed at technically interested professionals who want to use large language models such as ChatGPT to drive innovation, automation and efficiency gains in the company.Β 

This training is ideal for

  • Project managers, software developers, IT specialists and marketing experts who want to optimize business processes with automation and ChatGPT.
  • Entrepreneurs and marketers who want to quickly create AI-based chatbots.

In-house training


In-house training makes sense for 6 or more participants. We are also happy to come to your company and bring our "ChatGPT Advanced" training including agents, automation & chatbots. Simply make a get in touch with us.


In-house training as live remote training

Are your employees spread across several company locations and working from home? We offer you the opportunity to conduct a fully-fledged in-house training course online. Our experienced trainers teach the same material as in a face-to-face training course and are of course available to answer participants' questions.

Interactive exercises in small groups are carried out in the same quality via breakout rooms and Miro as a collaboration platform. You also save on travel costs for the trainer.


We cater to individual wishes

Do you have special focuses or interests for your team? We are happy to cater to your individual requirements.


Subsequent workshop with your team

Would you like to apply what you have learned with your employees in your own context after the training and need a workshop as a booster? We would be happy to conduct a workshop at your company and address your individual priorities. Contact us us without obligation.

Our ChatGPT Experts

Matthias Herbert

Matthias Herbert

Dr. Joerg Storm

Dr. Joerg Storm

Michael Mey

Michael Mey

Our location at ImpactHub Zurich (5 min from Zurich-HB)

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"Very likeable and good lecturer and trainer. Michael explains the content with incredible calm and composure. He engages individually with his course participants and answers questions in a practical way. Bravo. Please keep it up."

Sven S. from Bern

"Michael understood how to address our different employee groups and how to tailor a digital workshop to our specific needs. We were impressed by the mixture of theory and practical examples with which he addressed the tasks of our foundation. The uncomplicated, professional collaboration resulted in an interesting webinar in a pleasant atmosphere."

Head of Human Resources at a large charitable foundation

"The work with the participants was very interactive, not just frontal teaching. Good mix between lecture, discussion, practical exercises and gamification. The content of the course was conveyed in a great and understandable way."

Ulrike L. from Zurich

"Good organization of the course, understandable content. In my opinion, the trainer managed to address everyone in their own way despite the very different levels of knowledge of the participants."

Goia K. from Basel

"Very good documentation and examples, Michael was very competent and conveyed the rather dry material with humor - was great - thank you very much!"

Daniel H. from Heilbronn

"I enjoyed the course and found the combination of theory and practice very valuable. Thank you very much for 3 intensive days of knowledge transfer."

Alfred P. from Frankfurt a. M.

"The trainer was well prepared and gave a clear and understandable presentation and involved the participants. I particularly enjoyed the personal/professional exchange with other participants and trainers (especially with regard to practical examples and experience)."

Jasmina D. from Zurich

"The trainer created a pleasant atmosphere and learning environment. He responded flexibly to all participants and the hybrid setup of the course worked very well."

Oliver K. from Munich


FAQ - Questions & Answers about ChatGPT Advanced training content

What are the contents of the 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' course?

The training covers the basics of ChatGPT and related language models, a market overview of chatbots and LLMs, setup & configuration of ChatGPT, effective prompting including advanced techniques & tools, increasing productivity with ChatGPT through practical application examples, data protection aspects, best practices when using ChatGPT and tips & tricks for dealing with the limitations of ChatGPT. Practice-oriented exercises and discussions are also part of the training.

What are the benefits of the 'ChatGPT 101 training for beginners'?

The training provides a deep understanding of how ChatGPT works, teaches the basics for the optimal use of ChatGPT, gives insight into the many possible applications of ChatGPT, raises awareness of data protection and security when using ChatGPT and teaches how to deal with limitations of ChatGPT. At the end of the training, participants will be able to significantly increase their productivity with ChatGPT and other AI tools.

What is the format of the 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' course?

The course takes place from 09:00 to 17:00 and follows an interactive approach. After short theoretical blocks, there are practice-oriented exercises that are completed individually or in small groups. The results are reflected on together. We use collaboration boards, slides, exercises and gamification elements.

What are the requirements for participating in the 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' course?

There are no special requirements for participation. However, participants should create a free ChatGPT account at before starting the training.

Who is the 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' training course aimed at?

The training is suitable for a broad target group, including product managers, business analysts, C-level executives, consultants, project managers, content creators, social media managers, software developers, data analysts, HR specialists and education professionals.

Is in-house training for 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' possible?

Yes, we offer in-house training courses for 6 or more participants. We are happy to come to your company or conduct the training as live remote training. We cater to individual wishes and can also hold a subsequent workshop at your company.

What does the live remote training for in-house training include?

The online in-house training includes the same program as the face-to-face training. Interactive exercises in small groups are carried out via breakout rooms and Miro. This offers flexibility for employees at different locations and working from home.

Can individual requirements be taken into account in the 'ChatGPT 101 for beginners' training course?

Yes, we are happy to cater to your team's individual priorities and interests and can offer a post-training workshop tailored to your needs.

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